Private Pilot Reqs

Private Pilot Requirements

  1. You must be 17 years old and be able to read, write, and speak English fluently.
  2. You must pass the basic medical exam that all applicants are required to undergo, certifying that you meet the medical standards for safely operating an aircraft.
  3. You’ll need a minimum of 40 hours of flight training, though the average time in the U.S. is around 60-70 hours.  This training must include a minimum of 20 hours of dual instruction including:
    1. 3 hours of cross-country to airports more than 50 miles away
    2. 3 hours of instruments
    3. 3 hours of night including a 100 nautical mile round trip and 10 night takeoffs and landings
    4. 3 hours of  instruction within 60 days prior to your practical test
    5. 5 hours of cross-country including a 150 nautical mile round trip
    6. 3 takeoffs and landing at an airfield with a control tower
  4. You must pass the private pilot knowledge test with a score of 70% or better. The test is 60 multiple choice questions from the FAA’s databank of about 700 questions .  You can prepare for it in many ways, including classroom ground school taught by certified ground school instructors located at our club house, by home study with books or DVDs.
  5. The final step is the practical flight test with an FAA-designated examiner. Nationwide, the pass rate is about 90% for students on their first try!  The exam contents are defined by the FAA’s Practical Test Standard (PTS), and includes both an oral exam and a flight test.

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